Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Hi and welcome to my new blog! My name is Chris Blatnick and I am a collaborative technologies architect with a passion for human-computer interaction, usability and user interface design.

I decided to jump into this mainly due to recent being the great community spirit brought about through Show & Tell Thursdays and one due to the sad state of affairs that is Microsoft Red Bull. I'm not like many Notes bloggers...I actually think Microsoft has some good products, but their unethical behavior of late around their competition with Notes made me realize that the more we can demonstrate the power of Notes, the better everyone can make informed decisions.

I plan to do a lot of experimenting here. I won't always talk about Notes, since my main interests lie in the areas of UI design, usability testing and the like. I enjoy trying and testing new systems and services. You can see this in my first technical post. I'm providing a sample database for download via hosting on and for photos I'm using flickr (of course...but I'll be playing with this a lot too). Quite obvious to you Notes folks is that I am NOT using a Notes database for this blog. I want to try the different services to see what works well and what doesn't so I can apply this knowledge at my own company.

That's all for now. Although I am far from the best code slinger you will ever run into, I hope that some of my thoughts on applying good UI design in Notes will make you look at some of your apps in a new way.