Tuesday, May 02, 2006

21st Century Workforce Success

On Friday, I attended an excellent webinar entitled "21st Century Workforce Success: Collaboration and Creativity in the Conceptual Age". This webinar was sponsored by Mindjet and featured Dan Pink, author of "A Whole New Mind". The presentation was fascinating. Dan is an excellent presenter and infuses his commentary with facts that help to emphasize the big picture. It's not too difficult to look around and see that the world of work is in a major state of flux and Dan presents reasons for why this is so and then gives his ideas for how to prepare for and flourish in this new world. If you get a chance, I'd recommend taking an hour out of your time to listen to the webcast...I think you'll find it as compelling as I did. You can find it here.

Besides the excellent content of this seminar, pay attention to the WAY it is presented. Instead of the standard PowerPoint fare, Dan uses MindManager to introduce his topics and highlight certain points. MindManager is THE premier mind mapping software for the PC. I use it for many aspects of my daily work and personal life. It's particularly powerful when used to map out components of the design and development process. Check out the Mindjet website if you are interested in learning more about MindManager. In future posts, I'll examine some of the ways you can use mind maps to aid you in building your applications.

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