Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ozzie Watch 2006

So...according to Silicon.com, Ray Ozzie, as chief software architect for Microsoft, is number one in the Top 50 Agenda Setters in 2006. Hmmm...the question is, should we care anymore? Sure he is the father of Notes, but now that he's at Microsoft, he's kind of like Darth Vader...a traitor embracing the dark side! :-)

I jest, of course. I think Ray's tenure at Microsoft is very much worth watching. Not necessarily because I think we need to be scared of more competition for Notes. That in itself will be healthy. Rather, Ray seems to possess an uncanny knack for figuring out the direction technology is headed before it actually starts moving that way. His influence is already being felt. Some of the collaborative features I have seen in OneNote 2007 are simply phenomenal and I think we'll see the pace of these features in Microsoft products quicken as Ray moves the company in new directions. As long as these challenges to our domain spur the Lotus community to innovate and expand our offerings, Ray's work will be a very good thing.

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