Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Welcome BOC Employees!

If there are any BOC employees out there reading this, welcome to The Linde Group!!! Today, we become the world's number one industrial gas company and as a result, I think there will be exciting things to come. I look forward to working with our many new colleagues around the world.

...And hopefully, we'll keep Notes as our enterprise e-mail platform! :-)



Ed Brill said...

You will if I have anything to do with it :-) Didn't realize Linde was your employer. Might be useful for us to talk offline...
(ed_brill @ )

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I am a former BOC employee and not a very good european so I find it dificult to celebrate the demise of a great British company.The balance of power within the company was rapidly slipping across the Atlantic over the last few years anyway so Linde simply draged it back, they did however bypass the UK. I suspect that US influence will sooner or later rear its head within the Linde Group anyway