Monday, October 23, 2006

One Week 'Till Lotus Developer2006! a week's time some of us will be holed up at the Rio Hotel for three days of heads down technical goodness. That's's finally time for Lotus Developer2006, brought to you by the fine folks at The VIEW. It looks like there will be some great sessions to attend. The hard part will be choosing which ones to miss.

I'm honored to be the small fry among the heavyweight speakers of Lotus-themed events. Look at that list of presenters: Bob Balaban, Rocky Oliver, Rob Novak, Bill Buchan, et. al. These are the guys I've been seeing at conferences forever! It's humbling to be listed on the same page as them all.

If you're attending and you see me at the conference, please stop by and say hello. At a minimum, you can lie to me and tell me you're a frequent reader so I don't feel like I'm out here talking to myself. You get bonus points if you gush about how this blog fills the empty void you've had in your life for so long. ;-)

If you are coming to the show and feel like giving the new guy a chance, here's a list of my sessions. This is going to be fun!

Leveraging Interface First Design for Top-Notch UIs
Overcome the difficulties of balancing the requirements for functionality, usability, and look and feel with one solution – the interface first design technique. Start the design process with a user-centered focus and get great tips for building applications from the ‘inside out’. Discover the simplicity and high value of low-fidelity prototyping, find out how to incorporate user profiling into your design, and see how to leverage usability testing to identify design problems early on. Plus, bring theory to reality by viewing software products and Web sites that demonstrate this powerful design technique.

Rethinking Your Interface
This case-study based session explores various ways in which you can design innovative user interfaces in the Lotus Notes client. Unearth inventive workarounds for the problems inherent in the current state of Notes UI design. Learn how to apply industry usability and UI design best practices to your applications. Examine UI construction to guarantee faster database response times and learn to utilize UI tools, such as the color palette selector, that are built specifically for designers. Finally, witness firsthand the effects of various UI design techniques as you review real-world applications both before and after a user interface redesign.

Energizing Your UI With DHTML
This session supplies you with all the tools and techniques you need to design fast, eye-catching, and easy-to-use Domino UIs. Learn to utilize DHTML to enhance your views, forms, and other design elements. Leave prepared to create dynamic menus, provide in-view editing, launch view actions via right-click menus, and more. Tap into dynamic content generation concepts to breath new life into your Web UIs, and get great tips for enhancing essential elements such as positioning, layout, printing, and more. And, take home a Notes database containing a toolkit of DHTML elements that you can easily drop into any application.

JavaScript Best Practices
In this session you take your JavaScript skills to the next level by learning to create richly interactive applications, leveraging Domino’s strengths in the process. Discover new ways to tackle common problems, such as forms validation, using Prototype.js, the Yahoo! UI Library, and other cutting-edge JavaScript framework implementations. Pick up best practices for avoiding common user errors with variable scoping, object attachments, and more. Achieve highly extensible code using the Evaluate statement to make dynamic variables. You walk away with a reusable Notes database containing lots of examples that you can use to polish your own applications.

Creating Dynamic Domino Applications with Advanced CSS
Capitalize on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the style and layout of multiple Web pages all at once and present a professional, uniform look and feel throughout your Domino applications. Begin by gaining an understanding of the best methods to design, manage, and fine-tune visually appealing User Interfaces. Get expert recommendations for where to place CSS in Domino design elements based on different types of applications. Then find out how to use CSS to create a frame-like look and feel to Domino pages, as well as a cross-platform drop-down navigation system. Discover the advantages of building CSS style sheets as document objects, and pick up tips to develop dynamically sized Web pages without the use of tables. In addition, take home a fully functional database packed with reusable CSS solutions.

Hope to see you there!


Scott Gentzen said...

I always thought it kind of interesting (and annoying) that the difference between Domino admins and developers shows up in their conferences. Admin is in Boston, Dev is in Vegas. sigh

One of these days, I'm going over to the other side, dangit.

Ed Brill said...

Scott, you can always come to Vienna next month, where both conferences will be running side-by-side... :-P

Chris, good luck! Think of it as a dress rehearsal for, hmm, possible 2007 speaking engagements :-)

Curt Stone said...

I wish I were going to this! Hope you get to do some of this at Lotusphere. Good luck.

Chris Blatnick said...

@Scott...You don't know the power of the Dark Side! :-) Come on over...the weather's fine...and it's Vegas, baby! :-D

@Ed...Thank You! Really looking forward to this and other possible opportunities in the future! :-)

@Curt...Thanks! I hope I can share some of this at Lotusphere too!

Note To Self: I love exclamation points WAY too much! Must stop using them in every sentence!

Bill Buchan said...

Anyone else fancy seeing the Blue Man group whilst here ? I did Penn & Teller yesterday (at the Rio). Very cool, very funny...

--* Bill

dogu said...


I'm finally digging out from the 'pile-o-stuff' on my desk from the week at Dev 2007 and getting back into some of the material from the conference.

Gotta say I enjoyed your UI sessions a ton. I'm beginning to play with the more interesting bits of the R6x client and your sessions showed a hint of what is possible.

In your sessions, you indicated that somewhere on your blog was a download of the db (or dbs) you demo'd. Being the lazy, err, that would be efficient person I am...can you point me to the right spot or spots?

I'll be slogging through your blog over the next few weeks so I'll likely find them eventually, just looking to shortcut the process a bit.


Chris Blatnick said...

@Doug: Thanks for the the kind words! Glad you were able to make the sessions. I myself am still digging out from under the pile left from the last few months(!), so I am behind on getting some of the databases "cleaned up" for public consumption. A few of the techniques I talked about can already be found on the blog, though. Try Embedded Editors That Work
and Cascading Navigation In Notes and It's Got Layers...Cascading Menus In The Notes Client. I'll get some more updated sample databases out there as soon as I can. Thanks for visting!