Sunday, November 12, 2006

Interface Matters At The 'Sphere

Nathan Freeman and I have been talking about interface and UI design a lot lately. In fact, my passion in this area is what led me to start this blog in the first place. I'm very happy to report that we're now taking the show on the road...We'll be presenting "Designing the User Experience: Why Your Interface Matters" as part of the Best Practices track at Lotusphere 2007!

We're really excited about this opportunity and we'll strive to make it a worthy session among all the other great ones you'll have to choose from. Of course, this is the one all the cool kids will be at!!! ;-)

Here's the session description for those that are interested:

BP101: Designing the User Experience: Why Your Interface Matters

Think all IBM Lotus Notes applications need to look and function the same? Think again! To most users, the interface IS the application. In this session, you'll find compelling reasons for why designing the user experience should be a big part of your job as a Lotus Notes developer. Learn about the importance of “interface first” design, incorporating the ideas of usability and aesthetics into your application plans at the very start of a project. Discover methods for reworking existing designs to provide the best user experience possible. Dive into concepts such as user profiles, low-fidelity prototyping and usability testing and see before and after examples that demonstrate why interface matters.

Hope to see you there!


Curt Stone said...

Very excited to see that you got this session for Lotusphere! This subject is one of my interests this year. Always looking for examples on how to make my Domino apps work and look better for the user. Good Luck! I hope they post all the sessions soon.

Chris Blatnick said...

Thanks Curt! I'm looking forward to it...Stop by and say hello!

Richard Moy said...


Glad to see that you are going to present at Lotusphere. I'll make sure that I attend your session. I also submitted an abstract on designing Non-Notes interfaces for the Notes Client but was turned down. I would love to share with you some of our experiences. We create a Lotus Workplace like interface for our Domino ERP product.

Look forward in see you there.