Friday, November 03, 2006

Quick Thoughts On Lotus Developer2006...

Well...Lotus Developer2006 in Vegas has come and gone and even though it was quite a whirlwind, I had an awesome time. It was truly a pleasure getting to present my sessions to such a great group of people! I ended up doing a total of six sessions, since my presentation on Interface First design was repeated. When I wasn't speaking, I had to opportunity to pop in on some of the other sessions. Bill Buchan did a super job with his revamped Object-Oriented Programming for LotusScript topic. I attended some mobile sessions from Bill and Rob Wunderlich and also got to see Rob Novak's Ajax presentation (all great as well).

The highlights of the conference for me were meeting new friends and the many nice comments I received from attendees. Since this was my first time doing these sessions for a professional conference, I hope I did an OK job. I was really surprised at the turnout for the DHTML session, which ended up being the last 90 minutes of the conference. It was certainly a "drinking from the firehose" kind of session, but at least we finished up on time! :-)

Special thanks go out to the WIS staff. The whole team kept everything moving so smoothly and it made my job really easy. They should definitely be congratulated for putting on such a great show. I was really honored to be a part of it. I'm looking forward to doing it again in a few weeks!

Due to overwhelming demand, I'll be working over the coming weeks on trying to make more of the databases that I used in my "Rethinking Your Interface" session available for you to download and play around with. Some of them, such as the embedded editor/embedded view combo and horizontal drop down menus (as well as other goodies) are already available if you look through the archives here. As I mentioned to conference attendees, I'll be glad to answer any questions you have on any of my material, so feel free to drop me a line via

I've got a lot of ideas for future articles, so I hope to be back to those's just finding the time to write them that's hard! :-)


Dawn said...

Chris, you did a great job at the conference!! I really enjoyed your sessions, even the DHTML session that truly was a firehouse drinking session. I look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing the dbs that you presented. Thanks for all the great information!

Rob Novak said...

Chris - late in posting this but just wanted to let you know how glad I was to meet you, and enjoy a few minutes of your session when mine wasn't interfering!