Sunday, November 12, 2006

"Taking Notes" With Mike Rhodin

Earlier between all the chores :-)... I took some time to listen to the latest "Taking Notes" podcast. As usual, Julian and Bruce did a great job. This episode had a very nice interview with Mike Rhodin, Lotus General Manager. I was specifically pleased with how he talked about Notes 8 and its "outside in" focus on the UI. This is one of the core points of the "Interface First" design methodology that I use in all of my projects, and it is great to hear (from yet another source), that IBM is making such an effort on this front.

For Notes Developers, it's going to be important to take advantage of the new tools and templates that will be made available to us. I think it will be crucial for our community to place a renewed effort on UI design. As Julian mentioned, it will be pretty bad from a user standpoint to have this beautiful and slick new UI, only to pollute it with ugly apps or apps that have not focused on usability. This is exciting to me, since I think it will make the stuff that Nathan and I have been talking about lately even more relevant.

Besides all of the recent press from the IBM folks, I take it as a positive sign that Notes developers are actually reading this blog and others like it. It's also heartening to know that the interest is enough to warrant sessions at popular dev conferences. Yep...I think UI design in Notes is finally getting its due...and that is a very good thing!

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