Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To The Person That Found My New Blackberry...

...and returned it: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You've reaffirmed my faith in humanity (at least for this week) :-)

Although they will most likely never see this, I have to thank the person(s) that returned my Blackberry. On Sunday, the family and I trekked out to our favorite Christmas tree farm about an hour and a half from our house. We've been going there for many years...great place. You take a horse-drawn wagon ride out to the fields, look for the perfect tree, chop it down and bring it home. This year the pickings were pretty slim, so we walked way to the back of the farm. Out of the blue, I feel the telltale burst of a snowball against my back. Soon, I am being assaulted on all sides by my kids and it's on...a massive snowball battle thus begins. We go at it hard core for about 10 minutes before everybody tires themselves out, then it's on to continue our search for the perfect tree. Eventually we give up and decide to head back to the barn for a picnic lunch by the fire. As we start to pack up, I look down as I put on my jacket and notice my phone holster on my belt...minus the phone!

Well...stupid me, I forgot to remove my 4 day old(!) Blackberry 8703e from my belt before getting out of the car. In the ensuing chaos of the snowball battle royal, it must have slipped out of the holster and ended up in the snow. Upon realizing this, my son and I run out to the fields and begin to retrace our steps, but to no avail...the phone is lost. Dejected, I give my name and number to the owner of the farm and ask them to call if by any chance someone finds it.

After getting home, I notice a message on the answering machine. It's completely garbled, but we can make out a few words. It sounds like a couple of little kids and a dad and I swear we hear "blackberry" and "does it work?". So, it appears someone may have found it and hit my home speed dial by accident. I continue calling the phone, but there is no answer, so I give up for the night. Well...imagine my surprise when I get a call from the owner of the place later that evening. Someone did indeed find it and they turned it in when they got back to the barn. How cool is that!!! I got it back yesterday and amazingly, not only does it work, but it doesn't have a scratch on it!

Anyway, this story obviously has no bearing on Notes at all, but I thought I'd share since, even though we sometimes lose sight of it when we listen to the never ending bad news from the media, there are still a lot of good people out there who try and do the right thing. Here's to them...Cheers!


Jane Griscti said...

That's great Chris :) My daughter had her purse stolen last year and a complete stranger found it and took the trouble to track her down and return it, luckily it still had most of her id's. And my husband had a lost wallet returned, in tact a few years before that. 90% of the people out there are decent folk, sadly it's the rotten 10% that get the most publicity.

Joanne said...

What I wanna know is - who *really* won the snowball fight! ;-D

That's cool that you got your phone back! At least you didn't throw it in the trash like a certain member of my household did. Nothing like a ringing garbage bag. "Honey, it's for you. The garbage is calling."

dogu said...

Late to this post but thought I'd pass this along.

Several years back when I lived in Amherst,OH I got a bug to help my kids understand that most people are honorable most of the time. I folded a dollar bill lengthwise a couple of times, folded it around my car antenna and clamped it on with a clothes pin.

Months later, the bill was tattered and torn but still on the car. I'd been into Cleveland several times (out near Cleveland Clinic so not the nicest places in the city) plus all over Lorain county.

So, kids learn the you can actually trust most people most of the time.

At some point, I noticed that the bill was no longer torn. For a couple of days, I was convinced some kind person had taken it upon themselves to 'repair' my tattered bill. Turns out, it had been stolen but my daughter replaced it so I would continue to feel good about people!

I've seen a couple of specials on this topic. In one case (back when you could do this), a film crew left a briefcase in plain sight at an airport intending to show how stuff gets stolen. After a day of waiting, they gave up!

In another program, a full wallet was left in a cab in NY (complete with video to capture the slimeballs in action). Out of 10 riders, all but 1 either used a cell to call the owner (number was in the wallet) or pull over so they could use a pay phone.

Glad you got your crackberry back.

Sounds like LSphere is going well - enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Well I'm feeling the belly ache of losing a blackberry. I JUST BOUGHT my blackberry curve, had it working friday morning and someone broke into my vehicle and stole it friday night. Insurance?? Nope. Seems as AT&T doesn't insure PDAs or Smartphones, you've got to go through a 3rd party. This 3rd party is only open M-F. Soooo come Sat morning when I realize my BB is gone, I'm out of luck. Out of $300, and dreading having to find another $450 to buy another. I wish the theives would have just thrown my BB out the car window as they did my purse, since its about as useless to them as my visa and mastercards. It was locked when they stole it, and AT&T tels me even if they buy a new simcard they'll have to register the phone, so it will come up stolen. Sigh!!! I just hope one out of the 90% decent folk finds a way to get it back to me.

D'Lorah Small
Fayetteville, NC