Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lotusphere 2007: That's A Wrap...

Looking back on it now, Lotusphere week was absolutely amazing and the best one I've attended yet! For one thing, this is the first Lotusphere where I feel that there was so much good stuff to see and do that I probably missed out on half of it. You most likely have already read the announcements of upcoming new products like Quickr and Connections. Both look exciting and promise to help bring in the next wave of collaboration. They do look like true "Enterprise 2.0" applications! I still need to sit down and get my head around them more before I can offer up any helpful opinions, but I do know that after this week, any thoughts of getting out of this business have been banished from my mind! Now the trick is to find the company that will embrace these new technologies and exploit them to their full potential. Composite applications were very much on everyone's mind at this Lotusphere and this is a space that promises to revolutionize our current work in Notes. Once again, this is an area that I really need to study in more detail before I can comment in a meaningful way.

The Blogger Q&A with Mike Rhodin, Doug Wilson, Carol Jones and Jeff Schick was a first time event that I hope will be repeated in the future. It was great to have direct access to these people, but it was unfortunate that we only had 30 minutes, which is far to short of a time for the Lotus blogging community, who we know have an issue with brevity (although Mr. Rhodin had that problem too)! ;-) Mike reiterated the point that 99% of the stuff they are introducing at Lotusphere will be shipping by summer, which is pretty exciting. He also mentioned that the new product announcements represent the largest expansion of the IBM Lotus product line in the company's history! Important to many of us is a question asked by John Head. He inquired as to how Lotus will be bringing the world of Web 2.0 to Domino and the answer was that a strategy is being developed but that backward compatibility has to be at the forefront of this work. This is a great point I think people sometimes lose sight of as they complain about Domino's web framework, but it is absolutely essential for the large enterprises that rely on it. In case you missed it, Mike Rhodin also just started blogging!

Gurupalooza was a fun event, although the time sure does fly. Some of the speakers obviously love getting a hold of the microphone, although no names will be mentioned... ;-) Kevin Pettitt was live blogging the session, so make sure to check that out.

The OpenNTF booth crew were great and I'm glad I finally got to shake hands with the amazing Bruce Elgort. I know they gave out all of their T-shirts, so I hope that all of the folks who grabbed them also take the time to check out what OpenNTF has to offer. Speaking of OpenNTF, the BOF had a great turnout, completely filling the room and generating some neat ideas for continued expansion and collaboration.

I had the pleasure to meet up with Jess in the hallway outside the product showcase for a quick "2 Minutes with the Gurus" podcast (although refering to me as a guru is probably stretching it quite a bit!) :-)

I didn't get a chance to get to as many sessions as I thought I would, but best ones would be:

  • Alan Lepofsky's ID109 - IBM Lotus Notes Hints, Tips, and Tricks
  • Ed and Julian's ID212 - How to "Sell" IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Inside Your Organization
  • John and Sean's BP304 - Blog It Up, Baby! Extending the New IBM Lotus Domino Blog Template
  • John and Alan's BP204 - Integration of and IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and
  • Julian and Rob's BP312 - Trap and Manage Your Errors Easily, Efficiently and Reliably.

There's some amazing stuff coming in OpenLog. If you are not already using this awesome, FREE tool to manage your errors, get on over to OpenNTF and download it today!!!

If I had to sum up Lotusphere in a couple of sentences...I would have to say that one of the coolest things is that there were tons of smart people there and I'm not just talking about the speakers. So many of the attendees had great ideas and have given me many things to think about. The Lotus space is more energized than I've ever experienced and it's quite exciting to be a part of it. I can't wait until next year!!!

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