Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Recorded Here For Posterity...

The stunning interface we came up with on the fly for BP101 - Designing The User Experience! ;-)

And of course we go to 11!

Thanks to Michael Kohn for capturing it in action!


Joanne said...

That's a keeper! Is this trademarked or can we use this freely? ;-D

P.S. I think next year, you and Nathan should print up t-shirts with that form as your logo.

"Save the Interface...Save the World!"

Jane Griscti said...

But the purple looks so cool!

PS The back of the T-shirt could read

"How do you stop the interface from exploding?"

Paul Gagnon said...

Definately a keeper. That bright green action bar was suggested by me, so I want 10% of the profits.


All kidding aside, your session at LS was seriously kickass. You and Nathan nailed it.

Can't wait to see what you come with next year.