Monday, February 05, 2007

Come Talk About UI Goodness...

Hi Everyone! The good folks over at have asked me to be a forum moderator once again. When I did it last September, the announcement kind of fell through the cracks, so I didn't get any questions. Now is your chance to discuss the topic with others or ask me questions about UI design. I'll be checking out the forum all week (probably at night) and doing the best I can to give you answers that you can use. Please head over to the 'Designing The User Experience' forum to join in on the fun! :-)

Speaking of, make sure you check out the site and register for the newsletters. This is your opportunity to be part of the Lotus community and there are some great people working on making the experience a valuable one for all of us. The LotusUserGroup website, along with OpenNTF, should be a regular stop for all Notes and Domino professionals.


Nathan said...

The LUG forums don't get much traffic because their implementation is pretty weak. If I click your link, I'm immediately presented with a login screen. That screen doesn't include a "register" link. Have I registered in the past? I think so. I don't remember. No link to help me on that either.

But why do I have to register to even just READ? is really a baseline of user-unfriendliness. That has to be ironic on about 15 different levels.

Chris Blatnick said...

LOL! How right you are. Just try writing a long post, only to have your session time out when you try to save it!!! Arghhhhh... :-D

Ironic indeed!