Sunday, March 18, 2007

...And We're Back

Hi Everybody. Sorry about the unscheduled downtime. My provider was moving their data center and screwed up big time. I *think* all of my material is still here, but I still need to go back and verify everything. In the meantime, if you find any broken links or the like, please let me know.

Hmmm...perhaps it's time for me to consider a Domino-based blog template, eh?

For those of you still here...thanks for sticking around and not immediately deleting me from your feeds! ;-)

I'll leave you with some interesting links I've run across recently:

  • Michael Bierut gets honest...This is My Process. Sounds a lot like my approach (not sure if that's good or bad).

  • Ferdy Christant points out a cool open-source project intended to provide you with royalty-free standardized icons and desktop guidelines. Check it out at the Tango Desktop Project.

  • Kathy Sierra shares her Seven Blog Virtues.

  • Last, but certainly not least, a new blogger who is very well known in the Domino community joins us here in the blogsphere. Probably everyone knows this by now, but in case you missed it, Andre Guirard is blogging now. I'm thrilled about this, as I've learned many great tips and tricks from Andre over the years. Welcome, Andre!



Richard Moy said...

Thanks for letting us know about the Tango Project. Do not feel bad the same provider screwed me up also. Even right now I am having problems.

Thomas Bahn said...

Hey Chris,

it's just great, that you are back again. I cannot await your next blog entry. :-)