Sunday, March 04, 2007

Interface | Matters World Tour 2007

Conference and user group season is in full swing, so here's an update on my upcoming speaking gigs. Of course, we kicked off the year in style at Lotusphere, where I was very honored to be chosen to present in the Best Practices track (thanks Rocky!) and it was doubly cool since I got to do it along with Mr. Freeman.

I forgot to mention the Northeast Ohio User Group Meeting on Feb. 22nd. Thanks for all who attended and listened to me drone on. In case you were looking for it, my presentation can be found here.

This Wednesday (03/07), the good folks at the Central Ohio Notes/Domnio Users' Group asked me to come down to Columbus to give the modified version of BP101 from Lotusphere. I say modified since it combines elements of my sessions from the View as well as the Lotusphere one, minus the really cool demos that Nathan showed (proprietary client stuff). Check out the full agenda for more.

In May (24th-25th), it's across the ocean we go for ILUG 2007! I'm sure most people know about this by now, but if not, hurry to the website and register while you can. This is a FREE event featuring some of the best speakers in the Notes community. Somehow, through a gross error, I got included on that list as well! :-) It's like a mini-Lotusphere in cool is that!!!

Finally, at least for now, is the Lotus Developer2007 conference in Boston June 4 - June 6. This is another excellent event and is being held in conjunction with Admin 2007. I'll be presenting five four sessions including "JavaScript Best Practices", "Creating Dynamic Domino Applications with Advanced CSS", "Leveraging Interface First Design for Top-Notch UIs", and "Advanced Lotus Notes Client UI Techniques" (session titles subject to change).

I hope to see you all at one or more of these events. If you make it, please stop me in the hall, at the dining tent, in the elevator, etc. and say hello.

Update: I'm combining two of my sessions into one for Lotus Developer2007, which leaves me with four sessions total.


Phil Randolph said...


Thanks for posting the presentation from the NEOLUG event a few weeks ago...I really enjoyed the information you gave which married nicely with the presentation you had given with Nathan at Lotusphere.

Chris Blatnick said...

@Phil - Thanks! I was a bit flustered since I couldn't get the #$%@&* laptop to work on the projector. Glad it wasn't too bad! :-)

brandt said...

I too enjoyed the presentation at NEOLUG, even with the technical difficulties. We immediately started implementing some of your ideas into our design practices at my company, and have had some great results. Thanks for taking the time to come and talk to us (probably my favorite presentation of the meeting!)