Monday, March 12, 2007

No Notes 8 Love For Me??? :-(

Bummer Number 1...I was actually feeling quite ill this weekend, so I was up early on Saturday morning (not being able to breathe and all). I downloaded the Notes 8 beta but as of yet, I still haven't had a chance to play with it. :-(

Bummer Number 2...I mentioned here briefly a few times that my company is currently undergoing a very large merger. My team had a conversations with our new boss today. He seems like a very cool guy...quite knowledgeable about IT, programming background etc. The good thing is that he sees the value in Notes and says it is not going away, at least not for apps (the e-mail question is being evaluated now). The bad thing is that he believes we need to take an internet-centric approach to our applications. Indeed, this is not a bad thing at all, but I did mention to him that our team bleeds yellow and that it will be hard for us to move away from our focus on the client, especially in light of Notes 8 coming along. There are still many decisions to be made and many uncertainties, but my gut tells me we will not be deploying the Notes 8 client. And that, my friends, is truly sad. :-(


John Head said...

Sounds like its time for you to see what your options are :-)

Anonymous said...

Sigh, same here - a new VP and the first words out of his mouth to me are "don't start anything else in Notes...". I think you can see where this is going.
Sadly, the Notes Developer job market has never recovered from the Y2k/Internet bubble bursting. Options to keep working in the job I love are very limited :-(

Nate said...

Ummmm.... Notes works very well over the internet, kthx. ;-)

Faced with this before myself, my most effective technique has been simple. Take one project that's not too large. Build it for the browser. Then build it for Notes. Compare the cost. Present the result to the boss.

Yeah, he can still say no, but at least then you've got a hard number on what's being spent for the sake of avoiding the client. You can easily calculate that for every project.

Or just find a new job. :-)

Richard Moy said...


I works okay on the internet, but you need keep the NRPC as low as possible on the Web or it will kill your application performance. Chris make sure you mention the offline capability of the Notes client. This is one important aspect of Notes that can not be duplicated well on the Web.

Russ said...

The company I work for is probably a few steps ahead of you. We are implementing Exchange for mail but keeping Notes for workflow apps (there still isn't much that can do this work as well or as quickly as Notes/Domino). I do worry, though, that new development will be curtailed in the future, but we'll see. We are also having a push toward using the Web. It'll be interesting to see how it all goes...

dogu said...

Anybody wanna move to NH?
We (finally) are adding a second developer to our company. You'll be doing dev + some admin work. Not sure what the pay grade is or if relocation is included but if you're interested, email me at:

The job is full time perm and is funded starting mid year.

Feel free to pass this message along to anybody you know who might be interested.

Chris, NH is NOT that cold...


Jack Ratcliff said...

Since you *have* to start doing your Notes development for the web, can you try out Domino Web Tools with some of your apps that you will be converting over?

source code:

online demo: