Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have You Tried Netflix?

Netflix is an incredible service, offering DVD rentals direct to your home via the U.S. mail. In my opinion, Netflix just does everything right. Their website is a testament to ease of use and creating an enjoyable user experience. They are constantly working on ways to improve all aspects of the customer relationship and the great thing about the company is that they recognize that that relationship extends far beyond the screen and the physical media in your DVD player. From e-mails that are short, sweet and respect my time to a no-brainer way to return movies, the Netflix folks obviously have a passion for making the movie lover's life easy. (Here's a neat short story on the evolution of the Netflix envelope.)

Even if you're not a customer or don't plan to be one, I think it is worth checking out their site to see an example of a company that cares about the user experience.

If you enjoy movies and would like to give the service a test drive (highly recommended), you can try it for free for one month by using this link. This is two weeks longer than the usual free trial period, so it's a pretty nice deal. I don't get any credit or compensation for this, but I love the company enough to pass this along and sing their praises.

Kudos to you, Netflix...I'll be a customer for a long time to come.


Patrick Kwinten said...

"Kudos to you, Netflix...I'll be a customer for a long time to come."

uhm ever heard about a frog that gets boiled slowly in water?

what's wrong with being critical and sceptic? :o)

Nathan T. Freeman said...

Personally, I prefer's version. Yes, the web UI isn't quite as good, but the fact that you can take the movie back to the local store for a free rental is REALLY COOL.

tlbriley said...

Netflix rules. They are the only reason exists.

Using would be like dropping Firefox and going back to using IE7 because it finally got tabs.

I reward the innovators with my business, not the laggard copycatters.