Friday, May 11, 2007

Poor Usability Site Of The Day

Check out the Avis website in IE. Try to hover over one of the tabs and then make a selection. Whoops! If their intent is to just show what is available in each section, they should have used a different mechanism. Is anyone not thrown off by how that's working now?

(Thanks, Joanne)


Tim Tripcony said...

That is very misleading... and it looks like that "feature" doesn't even work.

Tim Tripcony said... Firefox, I meant to say. It doesn't work in Firefox.

Chris Blatnick said...

Hey Tim...You're right about Firefox, which makes me wonder if they are just showing the drop down to see what you are getting if you click on that tab. If so, feels so broken to me. It doesn't seem like we should be running across issues like this in 2007!

Rob Novak said...

I used to have a series of similar problems on but they have cleared up. They used field names that would pre-fill from Firefox or IE with Norton Password Manager, and never submit right.

Rich Waters said...

It's actually a game, if you're fast enough you can click on them!

Elf said...

I agree. Not having cross-browser compatibility in 2007 is ludicrous. They should fire their web developers. Seriously.

Lottie said...

Very misleading. If a user can't fathom what to do, they'd invaribaly look at another website (hertz?)
Another thing thats misleading is the link saying "Make, Modify & Cancel" - but, what though??

Lottie :o)