Friday, May 18, 2007

Sample Database: Collapsing An Embedded View

A couple of weeks ago couple of months ago (wow...time is flying!), I wrote up a little post about collapsing a categorized embedded view. It got some interesting responses and also generated a bunch of questions and some calls for a sample database. I finally had a few minutes to put a sample together, so this post is to point you to that (I actually used my 'Cool Docs' database since it was easy to update). Hopefully this may shed some light on any problems you had getting this to work.

You can get the database here.

To test it out, compose a new document with either the "Collapse Embedded View Example" form or the "Collapse Embedded Single Category Example" form.

Don't Forget! When you are testing this in the client, make sure you close the form in design mode. If you don't, the embedded view will continue to stay open and the collapse will never work.

If you have any problems with the sample database, you know where to find me. Have a great weekend everyone!