Friday, June 15, 2007

Mind Maps For Lotus Notes: Notes URLs

As I have mentioned here once or twice, I use MindManager for creating mind maps that I use for work and for personal items. I have several maps that I keep for reference on various Lotus Notes topics and since I know several of you in the community use MindManager as well, I thought I'd clean them up a bit* and make them available here.

I love using Notes URLs for different tasks, especially for having integration with Notes in other programs. I'm currently exploring the boundaries of what the Notes URL syntax can do in an effort to help make the ActiveWords more compelling for Lotus Notes users. Since I'm playing around with them lately, I thought my Notes URLs - A Reference map would be the first one I would throw out here. If you click on the picture below, you can interact with the mind map in your browser (sorry...IE only). If you don't have MindManager and you don't want to install the free plugin, you can still check out the PDF.

Have a good weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

*clean up = make a new one so it's pretty :-)


dogu said...

So does IE run on Kubuntu?

Guess I'll need to check out the interactive bit at work!

Good timing on your post. I'm really just discovering this whole Notes:// thing and it will solve a few very interesting problems I'm having. We switched away from Notes for mail a few years back. I use COEX!LINKS to create ndl files as mail exits Notes and heads off to Exchange. Works GREAT except when a document was in one view when the email was sent and gets switched to another by the time the ndl recipient follows the link. By using Notes urls instead, I can shove the user into whatever I want - a specific view, a specific doc, a frameset, whatever - Sweet!

Off topic for this thread but I gotta tell ya that I've started building some Dashboard-like apps and folks are getting really excited! They love having all the information they need in a single interface and NOT having all the stuff they don't need.

Happy Father's day to you. Enjoy.


Sven Hernkes said...

There is a mindmapping application that directly stores its data in Notes. Its called "Mindplan". Maybe your Notes URL idea is even easier with that tool