Wednesday, July 18, 2007

OK...Bar Charts In Views...Last Time (I Promise)

Wow...little did I know that posting such an innocent little tip about bar charts in views would spark all the great collaboration between everyone in the community. I made a faux paux in my original post by referring to my technique as Gantt charts while in fact they are really just bar charts. Luckily, this inspired Nathan to both correct me, and better yet, got him to go off and create a real implementation of Gantt charts in Notes views. Ulrich Krause made some of his own modifications to Nathan's work as well. Quite a community effort!

In case you missed it, this isn't just proof of concept, as Warren commented that they are actually using Gantt charts in his company's own internal pipeline database. Very cool! Thanks to everyone for your comments and contributions.

I don't have anything new to add to the discussion myself, but I did want to highlight one other technique that was brought to my attention. Noel Tigcal sent me a sample database that used a neat variation of the idea. Instead of using image resources for the bars, Noel uses the "█" symbol with @Repeat. This allows you to easily change the styling of the bar by modifying the text properties of the column. In the example database, Noel uses Arial Black as the font type.

Quite a smart idea and probably one of the easiest to implement, as you don't have to mess with graphics at all. Nice job, Noel...thanks for sharing!

With that, I'll leave this topic to rest. I'm not 100% convinced that true Gantt charts in Notes views are such a good idea (might be better relegated to a traditional project management tool or to a composite application), but still I hope you see that the underlying technique could have many possible uses. the case you wondered how all this started, you can thanks Mr. Elgort for asking the question. :-)


Rob McDonagh said...

ooh, I think I like this variant best. You could have the bars change color based on a color column, so you're still able to have different colors at various threshold values. But no graphics and a simple formula to create the bars. Neat. Thanks to Noel for that idea.

Joseph said...

These techniques are nice, but if we could only use a total column's value as the number to use...

Categorized, charted displays...or am I missing something?

I think I could do it on a page or a form, but not directly in a view.

Ulrich Krause said...

historical update:

I found this piece of code in my developer database
I do not know the original source but I added the document to the database on 04/06/2000

Nathan T. Freeman said...


I suppose if you were duly motivated, you could make the font monospaced, like Lucida Console, and then use " " vs. the block character to layout a Gantt Chart.

I'm trying to decide if I would like that technique at all. It just smack of an old green screen ASCII hack. I am reminded of LORES graphics mode on the Apple ][.