Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Top 5 - Side 1 Track 1 - My Personal List

Off topic but fun...

Being a huge music fan, I have to profess my enjoyment of High Fidelity, not so much for all of the relationship stuff, but for the music store scenes and discussion of music in general, especially any scene with Jack Black in it! ;-) Well, Nathan was watching this movie the other day and started a new meme based on the movie, your top 5 side 1 track 1 tunes of all time. John Head tagged me, so here's my list:

6:00 -- Dream Theater's Awake (Amazing drum acrobatics from Mike Portnoy kick off this album in a dramatic way. One of my favorite DT tracks.)

Hungry Freaks, Daddy -- The Mothers of Invention's Freak Out (Frank Zappa's debut to the world...couldn't leave this out, since it represents the beginnings of an incredible musical legacy. I'd like to imagine that had I been alive at this time, I would be picking this up on vinyl from the record store and running home to throw it on the turntable! ;-)

Used -- Pain of Salvation's The Perfect Element, Part I (This is such an emotionally draining release. A concept album about two people (Him and Her) that have been abused in life, physically and sexually and their experiences as their lives become intertwined. It explores the various facets of a person who is deeply damaged. The opening tune is so visceral, it pulls you in and won't let you go.)

Aces High -- Iron Maiden's Powerslave (Love the subject matter...about the Battle of Britain during the summer of 1940...and the bombastic Iron Maiden sound here.)

Of Sin & Shadows -- Symphony X's The Divine Wings of Tragedy (My introduction to the band...never been the same since.)

How about yours?


Joanne said...

This is tough - too many to choose from....but these are 1st tracks that I play over and over and over again...not the ONLY 1st tracks I play over and over again...but if I hafta pick 5.... geez this is tough!

"Sin" - Circus Maximus - The First Chapter - just love this CD - love all the tracks, of course, so this was an easy one. Any of the songs on this CD coulda been song #1, and it woulda made my list :-)

"Once" - Nightwish - Once - my favorite Nightwish CD - especially love the song "Ghost Love Score" (notice how I tried to slip that in as a favorite...even though it's officially song #9...)

"Mother Earth" - Within Temptation - Mother Earth - my favorite Within Temptation CD - first one of theirs I ever listened to - and it's the one I keep going back to.

"A New Age Dawns" - Epica - Consign to Oblivion - just love Simone Simmons voice!

"Inferno (Unleash the Fire)" - Symphony X - The Odyssey - my fav CD of theirs....all the songs rock! All their CDs rock! Symphony X in general rocks!!!

Patrick Kwinten said...

In the days of my youth I worked for the Dynamo Open Air festival, as an artist handler, so I am pretty much influenced by the artists I have been working with...

entry 1: Slayer - Reign in Blood. The album really shocked the metalworld at that time (1987, seems a long time ago but the record still kicks butt)

entry 2: Type o Negative - Black #1 (I like the dark sphere of bloody kisses)

entry 3: Monster Magnet - Superjudge. Where did the band go? Outerspace or in rehab?

entry 4: Live of agony - Rivers run red. Shout along!

entry 5: Metallica - ...And Justice For All. I still do not why my mother thought is was a good idea sending her 17 year old son to a metallica consert in a different country with a bus of metalheads? Thanks mom!