Monday, August 20, 2007

Cleveland Get Together For Ed Brill

My friends at Berbee put together a very nice reception this evening at Shula's in honor of Ed's visit to Cleveland. Noticeably absent from the event was Ed Brill, but we still had a great time! :-) Ed was stuck in an airport, but we were getting frequent updates thanks to his colleague Sara Koeth. In the end, it was unfortunate that he couldn't make it. Since Ed was noticeably absent, also noticeably absent was talk of Notes 8, Quickr, Connections or all the other good stuff. Instead, topics of conversation included (but were certainly not limited to):

-High School Musical 2
-5 Card vs 6 Card Euchre ( got vicious! ;-)
-Spoiled kids
-Dream Theater
-Strip Go Fish (and why no one ever wants to play with me)
-An as yet unheard of musical which will be BIG BIG BIG! :-D

The Cleveland Blogging Contingent was out in force. Bloggers in attendance included Gregg Eldred, Ben Langhinrichs, Phil Randolph, Rory Wohl and yours truly.

It was great company and great conversation all the way around. Say what you will about Cleveland (although it really is a beautiful place), but we've got some of the nicest people you'll ever meet!

Thanks again to the folks at Berbee for inviting us. Have a safe trip back home, Ed...Maybe we'll see ya next time.


Ed said...

I am -really sorry- I didn't make it!

Joanne said...

Long live Strip Go Fish - and the :-D