Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Link-O-Rama

The Microsoft Exchange Team Gets Hip (Gee...did you know that the Exchange team originally developed AJAX...*rolls eyes*)

The lovely and talented Francie Whitlock directed me to this great read on "Creating User Friendly 404 Pages". Reminds me of way back in '99 when I created a "De-Nile" page with a picture of the river itself. ;-)

Andrei Herasimchuk discusses the trials of interface designers being limited by the constraints of technology.

Tommy Valand has a Notes-related blog with a lot of great info out there. He pointed out this interesting FieldListener class which details a way to do in LotusScript what I blogged about using JavaScript...Pressing enter in a field and triggering an action.

Hmmm...Telecommute. Kill a career? Given my current situation (all my colleagues and customers are nowhere near me), this might not be such a good thing!

Finally...a must read book if you are interested in design-->Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, by Scott McCloud. Even if you are not a fan of comic books (Geek alert...I am!), there are some powerful concepts in here which I think can be leveraged by designers. Bonus points: It's a book about comic books written and drawn as a comic book...Sweet!

Have a great weekend everyone. And for all those dads watching High School Musical 2 condolences! ;-D


jonvon said...

High School Musical 2... heheh. right there with you brother.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to DIGG up Lotus Notes 8 on

Ed said...

Exchange team "invented" AJAX? I didn't realize that it was included in the cc:Mail code they used to create Exchange!

Charles Robinson said...

Ed, Microsoft introduced XmlHTTPRequest and InnerHTML with IE 5.0 in 2000. Outlook Web Access (also released in 2000) was the first large scale application that made use of these two together. Together they are the cornerstone of what is now known as AJAX.

I've never heard cc:Mail mentioned in any discussion about the evolution of AJAX, so it's interesting that you think that was the starting point for it. Or are you saying instead that the Exchange team didn't innovate at all and merely copied cc:Mail?

Ed said...

Charles, no I wasn't implying that cc:Mail had AJAX. That was my backhanded attempt at poking fun at Exchange and their ancient cc:Mail/MS Mail post office architecture. BTW, the Lotus DWA team also claims to have invented AJAX.