Monday, August 20, 2007

See...Usability Applies To Everything!!!

Even the Office 2007 box has a learning curve (Joel on Software)

There are so many packaged products that have this problem, but it's pretty sad when it's a company that obviously has a usability staff! :-)

If you start out frustrated even opening the box, the user experience is already tarnished. Try to remember this fact, as it is true for what we do as well. In our case, it might be the initial way your customer contacts you, the first meeting you have with them, your website, etc. First impressions mean a lot...make yours the best you can!


Charles Robinson said...

I feel better knowing I'm not the only one. :-) I got a retail copy of Visio 2007 at work and it took me a bit to figure out that it was hinged and the inside flipped out. Truly annoying design.

glindsay said...

Hi Chris,

I bought the Home Edition of Office 2007 recently. I agree that opening the box is difficult to (1) figure out and (2) execute. Thankfully, I only had to do that once.

The user interface of the actual software, on the other hand, I have to deal with every time I use it.

That design is an unmitigated train wreck.

As Joel said in the linked article, "it's extremely frustrating every time I have to spend several minutes finding something that I knew exactly how to find in the previous version."