Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Taking Notes - Episode 64: Viral Edition

The new Taking Notes podcast is available! Check out another episode chock full o' goodness.

Once again, I'm honored to have a segment on the podcast. This time, I look at the five facets of usability as put forth by Jakob Nielsen:

1. Learnability
2. Memorability
3. Efficiency
4. Reliability
5. User Satisfaction

Thanks for listening!

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Brian Green said...

Hey Chris, thank you for another podcast! Also, thanks for the link over to Jakob Nielsen. There are so many great articles there. Far more than I can read in one afternoon.

I agree. The next "giant leap" in computer design is the user experience. The user interface. The GUI design tools.

Today we have design tools for building object-models, design layers, databases, and all that. What we're really lacking are better tools for GUI design. This applies to Lotus Notes, of course, and especially to web design.

We do tend to follow some "Design Patterns" in today's Lotus Notes 7.

For example, Views:

and Forms:

At least for my users, these established Design Patterns meet, for the most part, those "five facets of usability". It depends on the application of course, and the user's previous experience with the Notes client.

I really hope the new Ecplise-based client will help us establish new Design Patterns for what users expect in Notes. We're so limited today.

I also like the idea of Composite Applications. Let's say a vendor, like UPS, creates a plug-in for the Lotus Notes 8 Sidebar panel. They're not limited to the traditional Lotus Notes design elements. They're writing an Eclipse plug-in. It's almost a blank pallet. When you open an email in Lotus Notes, it could recognize any text that resembles a UPS tracking number, and broadcast that information to the glass. The UPS plug-in would listen for that information, and automatically download the shipping information.

Anyway... looking forward to the Eclipse client. I hope to see many Redbooks from IBM.