Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hey...Get Some Free (inter)Face Time

As mentioned by Chris and Mary Beth today, the UX lab is doing something very cool and very unique at Lotusphere this year. Read on for details...

The Lotus UX Lab is going to offer a one-time opportunity for our customers at Lotusphere 2008 - "The 15-minute Usability and Design Evaluation" - in the User Experience Lab, Rm. Asia 4. We'll only be doing this from 1-5 pm on Monday afternoon.

Here's the deal: you can bring in one application, working, and with data ideally, (Notes, Web, Sametime, Portal, Quickr, Connections, Expeditor, any Lotus product) and we'll have someone look at it and make suggestions for 15 minutes. The benefits to you are threefold:
1. You can get some quick feedback with practical suggestions from our expert user experience design team.
2. You can take away a handy list of "things to look for" in the form of a guide with some knowledge about how to apply them at home.
3. While you are in the lab, you can sign up to provide US with feedback about many of our products.

Now, to be honest, there's only so much you can do in 15 minutes, so don't expect a complete re-design! However, our aim is to set you on the right path by showing you how to approach the process of creating satisfying user experiences in your applications. The best thing to do is to be ready to show us your app in less than 5 minutes and keep an open mind. If it's a large application, then you might want to narrow down the area that is giving you a particular problem.

What: The 15-minute Usability and Design Evaluation
When: Monday, Jan 21, 1 - 5 pm. First come, first served. Time strictly enforced.
Where: Dolphin, Asia 4 - Lotusphere 2008
Why: Take home some quick tips to make your users happy and productive.

Since I'm not a designer, I'm going to be on hand as the resident tech weenie. That means I'm the killjoy who says "Nope...can't do that in Notes". ;-D Just kidding...I'll really be there to help confirm that it CAN be done in Notes or offer suggestions from the technical side of things. Should be fun and a great opportunity for you to meet with the folks with the real talent, the UX team.

Thanks to Chris for asking me to participate and my manager Gary for letting me get out of some sessions! ;-)