Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lotusphere 2008...I'm A Returning Alumn

For the second year in a row, I have the honor of speaking at Lotusphere and in this case, presenting with two excellent gentlemen. If you find some time in your schedule, please join me and Bruce in:

or me and Nathan in:

Sharp-eyed readers will note that the Interface Matters sessions are back to back. That's right...2 whole hours of UI goodness! :-) Nathan and I are getting the old team back together. We've reprised some info from last year and will be showing several new techniques and ideas.

BP214 with Bruce is new and of course based on the venerable "Worst Practices" sessions introduced by Messrs. Buchan and Mooney. I can't promise we'll be nearly as funny ('cause let's face it...their accents just rock), but Bruce is a great presenter and I'll learn a lot from him. The session is chock full of good information about what *not* to do when designing your interface, so I hope you can stop by.

As I mentioned last year, if you catch me in the hall or sitting in the lobby or something, please stop by and say hello. I love talking about all aspects of Notes development (as well as all other sorts of geekery), so don't be shy.

17 days to go. I can't wait! :-)

Update: Whoops...forgot that the BoF from last year is back again too. Hopefully Nathan and Bruce will join me in co-moderating.


Charles Robinson said...

It's great that they're back to back, but also be sure to notice that they're in different venues. :-) That's not a deterrent, I'm just pointing it out.

Curt said...

You sure? It looks like they're both in Y&B GH Salon V-VI.

My problem is that Rob and Julian's 'Reports' session conflicts and it's in the Swan at 3pm.

I've got a couple conflicts like this that are bumming me out.

Anyway, I have a couple databases that I'd like to put a fresh UI so I'll be taking notes and playing when I get home.

Bruce said...


You may want to update your post letting people know that our session will be repeated on Thursday morning. :-)

Elf said...

My employer didn't allow me to got this year. This is a session I would have gone to for sure.


Nate said...

What tickles me pink is that we're not slated until Wed. afternoon. Which really means that I'll have an extra 3 days of mad hackery to contribute to demos -- fueled by the energy at Lotusphere.

Last year that resulted in my little skinning experiment. This year I think the results might be a bit more dramatic. :-D

Januarys are so crazy in the Lotus community! hehe

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