Friday, February 01, 2008

Getting Things Done: The Cognative Science Perspective

I'm a big fan of the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology, even if I occasionally fall off the wagon. The concepts of GTD helped me become much more productive than I ever was, which is vital for me as I struggle to accomplish a lot from a work perspective and still have quality time to devote to my family. This is especially true as Haleigh gets older, because being Autistic means many additional challenges on top of the normal things you deal with as a kid (i.e. she takes a lot of my time! :-)

If you are also a fan of GTD (or even if you're just interested in the concept), you should check out this new paper on the science that backs up the GTD ideas. Getting Things Done: The Science behind Stress-Free Productivity is currently in a "submitted for publication" status, but it's still a good read. Enjoy...


dogu said...

I've been aware of GTD for a while but never really spent time on the methodology. As I was reading the pre-print, I had this real deja vu moment.

Some years back, I worked as a field technical support person for a medical device company (in Oberlin). During our training we were taught how to build plans based on territory goals, create schedules based on those plans, and then execute them.

Problem was that I'd wake up, check voice mail and have some account in the outback of WVa that was down and needed help NOW. Plans out the window.

I spent 6 months stressed because I couldn't execute my plan.

One day, it hit me - my customers were happy because I showed up when they needed me so ta heck with 'the PLAN'.

Wake up - check voice mail - decide which fire was burning hottest - go put it out and move on to fire #2. Stress was mostly eliminated.

Hokey smokes Bullwinkle - GTD...!

Maybe I should take a closer look at using GTD now that I'm a cubicle worker who's having problems executing the new plan...

Thanks for the link. I'll send it to my boss while I'm at it.

Take care.

Doug F

Anonymous said...

Chris, we should get together sometime, so I can show you how far we have come, integrating the principles of GTD a Lotus Notes Workflow. I'm working hard to make eProductivity the ultimate GTD implementation tool for Lotus Notes.