Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spreading A Little Lotus Notes Love

Besides Lotus Notes, the other software product I'm most passionate about is MindManager from Mindjet. I've talked about it a little in the past on this blog, but for those unfamiliar with this product, it is an tool for creating mind maps on your computer rather than with paper, pens, crayons, etc. It has a UI that is as simple to use as paper, but with very powerful features that provide results you couldn't expect to achieve in the analog realm. I just upgraded to the new version the other day (thanks, Gaelen!) and you can expect a full review coming soon. The short take is that MindManager 7 rocked my world, especially with the new Ribbon UI.

I was recently featured in Mindjet's Customer Vignette section and wanted to point out that even when talking about another product, I'm spreading the Notes love. Not only did I mention using the Lotus Notes client in one of the interview questions, but I also gave them my Notes URL mind map as a sample of how I use MindManager.

Ah...Lotus Notes and MindManager...two great tastes that taste great together. :-)


Alan Lepofsky said...

Do you know about Weilgut MindPlan for Lotus Notes? If you like Notes and Mindmapping, then this is the tool for you! (it is also free for IBM employees!)




Features of Version 3.0

More features

Roland Reddekop said...

I'll vouch for Lepofsky's reco for Weilgut MindPlan. I too own Mindjet MindManager Pro 7 and use it quite a bit, but for collaborative mapping, especially if you want to have a gannt chart view (real ones ;-), MindPlan's great. Plus it doesn't hurt that it saves to a Notes database. Consider you blue shirt guys lucky you can use it free.

Eric Mack said...

I've been unsuccessful at connecting with the folks at Weilgut MindPlan so far, however, I have been in contact with several other vendors about adding native mapping to Notes. Looking forward to discussing. Eric Mack