Monday, September 01, 2008

OK Lotus Geeks, Time To Pump Up!

Hey Everybody...Are you ready for a challenge?  I came across the OneHundredPushUps site a few weeks back and put it on my list of things to explore in more detail.  I finally did this weekend, so I'm ready to get started.  The gist of the program is that you do the required work for six weeks with the goal of being able to do 100 pushups (consecutively) at the end.  I've been running lately and doing a bit of lifting, all in an attempt to get back into prime fighting condition.  I'm lucky enough to be pretty trim and in decent shape (which of course is tough given our profession...we DO sit around a lot), but I want to be more than kind of fit.  Thus, I'm adding this program to my repertoire.  I posted as much on Twitter yesterday, with an invitation for people to join me.  Some folks gave me the thumbs up and agreed to try also.  I thought it would be fun for us to be working on this together.  We can even give encouragement to each other through Twitter ('ve been looking for an excuse to sign's your chance).

Here's what I propose.  Sometime this week, do the initial test and then begin the program.  It only takes three days a week and a rather small time commitment.  If you're on Twitter, let us know when you start and provide your numbers if you feel comfortable.  Use the #lotus100pushups hashtag so we can track all of the results.

Just think...if we can all get buff and do 100 pushups, we'll be the bad ass software developers on the block and will make all the other wimpy developers (ahem...MicroSOFT) cower in fear of our brains and our brawn!  ;-D

I hope you'll join me in getting better shape.  I think this will be fun!

UPDATE #1: Joe is on board and proposes that we all be pumped up for Lotusphere. Phil is in too and already posted his results.

UPDATE #2: Sweet...other Lotus folks are joining the challenge! For updates, stay tuned to #lotus100pushups


Phil said...
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Phil said...

FAIL on the first comment...let's try again:

I'm in Chris!

Let's see how this goes...

Who else has expressed interest?

francie whitlock said...

I was just about to get off my lazy ass when I re-read the fine print..... "we'll be the bad ass software DEVELOPERS on the block and will make all the other wimpy developers (ahem...MicroSOFT) cower in fear of our brains and our brawn!"

(sound of this out of shape ADMIN sitting back down)


Elf said...

I managed 47 in the initial test, but I could really feel that I had been training with weights for an hour last night. .

I'm not sure how this program will let itself combine with my regular workout program. Adding this on top isn't exactly going to make it easier for my body to rest between my bicycling, running, swimming and weight training. Good luck. It'll be fun to see how you're doing in six weeks :)

Paul Mooney said...

Im In.. will do the test and tweet it

Heath said...

I'm in bro. I'll be there with you on the boardwalk at LotusSphere!