Saturday, September 06, 2008

WOA vs SOA...The Battle of the "Oriented Architectures"

Everybody Loves Web Oriented Architecture

Hmmm...interesting read indeed. While this isn't the party line for my employer, I think WOA is the way to go personally. It just seems lighter weight to me and more "agile", which of course I like. Then again, a lot of this stuff is all semantics anyway! ;-)

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Axel said...

Depends on the project.
Especially in big organizations like Deutsche Telekom, they are actually using SOA products for large integration projects. Some of my collegues are working in that project. It seems to work well. Of course, not every company has a comparable need to integrate a huge diversity of systems.
As mostly its not a this or that decision. SOA products like IBM Process Server shields you from a lot of the technical complexities.