Thursday, October 23, 2008

SnTT: Quick Follow-up To "Universal Toolbar"

It seems some folks liked my idea from last week, especially the example screenshot showing a drop down menu in this "universal toolbar" area.

I received a comment and a few e-mails asking how this was done. Well...I actually wrote this up (along with a sample database) a couple of years ago, so today's show and tell will be a cheat, as I am just going to link you over to that entry. With that, here you go. Enjoy.

SnTT: Cascading Navigation In Notes

Editor's Note: The sample database that is available for download also includes all my experiments using layers to create cascading menus. Remember...Lotus Notes is like an's got layers! :-)


Tim Tripcony said...

Funny timing... I just used a related hack that I'll be blogging about (possibly tonight) that allows for tab-based navigation. IMO, yours looks cleaner - particularly when many navigation options are involved - but I think you'll be amused by what allows the tab approach to work.

Pedro Q. said...

Hi Chris, thanks for the new post ;-)

I had read your layers article before (and even implemented, in my workplace, one or two apps using those techniques), but I recall having had a few problems when using layers and frames. That's why I asked if you had a demo of this one :-)

quintessens said...

Question: how did you get the white background in the dropdown lists? I just get default gray dropdownlists...