Friday, January 30, 2009

Lotusphere 2009...Some Quick Thoughts

Another Lotusphere is in the can and I can echo many of the voices in our community by saying Best. Lotusphere. Ever! Perhaps due to my IBM job now, Lotusphere has a different flavor and between speaking and various job related events, I didn't get to attend nearly as many sessions and labs as I wanted to. I'm amazed at the number of sessions available this year that were of super high quality and I wish I could have seen them all. I think a highlight for me was Benjamin Zander's appearance at the Closing Session. I can't imagine anyone leaving that room not being inspired to start "radiating possibility"!

I've leave out my thoughts and comments about products and strategy since I don't want to sound like I'm just echoing the party line. Suffice to say that I'm energized about the portfolio. I think it's a fantastic time to be a Lotus customer or to be looking to become one! ;-) I also realize, more than last year even, that I have to get back to doing full-time development. It's what I'm good at and what I have a passion for, so I'll be looking at ways to do that within the halls of Lotus (hey template team...need a hand? ;-)

I was honored once again to be chosen to be a speaker at third year now! This still really blows my mind to be up there with these other great folks and I'm humbled to get to work with them and call many of them friends. This year, I presented on the principles of good interface design with Tom Duff, some Web 2.0 UI patterns with Nathan Freeman, hosted a lightly-attended but lively UI BOF and did some speedgeeking. I had a blast and have to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone that attended one of my sessions. I hope you found at least one nugget that you could take back and start using.

If you are looking for the downloads, they'll be up soon. In fact, I just posted the speedgeeking database. In the next post, I'll include our presentations as well as the sample database from AD212. There are some cool design patterns there and I look forward to introducing you to them, especially if you didn't make it to the 'Sphere this year.

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