Friday, March 13, 2009

Wrap up and final comments from GTD Global Summit

Always loved to watch Peter Drucker on stage. Admits to not being able to live up to what he did.

Great tip to relax quickly: lower your standards! ;-)

Shout out to the audience about how we're all "crazy like him".

88,000 people now following David Allen (@gtdguy) on Twitter. Amazing...22,000 in the last couple of days. All that from zero in a few weeks.

What he didn't hear during the conference: That anyone has the silver bullet.

Structured thinking can make profound change in your life. GTD isn't a system, it's a systematic approach.

David is asking the audience what we heard or didn't hear over these days, or what did we notice.

Amazing comments from audience. Hard to capture it all, but there was a lot of energy in the air. It was exciting to feel this spirit and the desire of everyone to not only help themselves but to help others as well and talk about embedding this into culture, education, etc.

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Kathy said...

Ha! On the flip side of lowering your standards, I would often say to an old boss of mine, that I was freaking out about such and such problem. He would say "You just need to increase your tolerance for stress." :)